AX to D365: Hybrid Model Follow-up

It’s ALL About a Complete Cloud Strategy! The critical infrastructure question we have had to address for companies contemplating an AX to D365 upgrade has to do with on premise data collection. Distribution companies with bar coded inventory control, manufacturers with shop floor data collection stations or retailers with point of sale cash registers all have some local requirement to […]

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AX to D365: Pricing Follow-up

Does Cloud Pricing Make Your Company Less Valuable? The sticker shock and lack of tools available to develop accurate AX to D365 upgrade costs have been the biggest takeaways for me regarding pricing. The upgrade “Price” podcast, featuring Kenny Mullican, added significantly to my understanding of the mindset of a customer evaluating such a significant project. As the CIO of […]

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Progress complete

Dynamics AX to D365 Upgrades

The upgrade process from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics D365 for Finance and Operations is a unique in terms of the scope of decisions and cost. It includes critical decisions not encountered in a typical upgrade process to the extent it is on these projects including: Platform Cost Technology Functionality Each must be considered carefully. For example, the pricing for […]

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Too big for the box

Have You Outgrown Microsoft Dynamics GP?

There are many reasons why you may be outgrowing your Microsoft Dynamics GP software. However, primarily it falls into either a functional or a technological issue. Understanding those issues in the context of what the Dynamics GP solution is intended to deliver can help you decide if it’s time to “get fitted” for a more robust solution. As a product, […]

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Right Fit

QuickBooks to Microsoft D365 for Enterprise

The typical life-cycle of a business sees it implement three ERP systems: QuickBooks, an “upgrade” to QuickBooks, and finally a “real” system. This is at least one, if not two, systems too many! The standard rationale for following the traditional ERP system trajectory is cost. However, I see that as shortsighted and self-defeating for an individual company, as well as […]

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10 Commandments

The Microsoft Dynamics “10 Suggestions”

Because 10 Commandments Sounded Presumptuous With the Microsoft ERP and CRM User Group Summit less than a month away I thought it was my humble duty to assist the Microsoft Dynamics management team with their to-do list for the next year. Just trying to be useful. As an aside, except for some minor product-specific issues, the following list could be […]

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What the what

Dynamics Office 365 – *!@#& How Did Microsoft Miss This?

Sitting back and trying to understand the details behind Microsoft’s Dynamics Office 365 announcement. With all the money and resources at their fingertips, Microsoft gets one critical thing wrong in their Dynamics Office 365 strategy. My guess is that once again love of technology and/or a need to drive Azure licensing has overcome common sense. The Dynamics Office 365 announcement […]

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