Too big for the box

Have You Outgrown Microsoft Dynamics GP?

There are many reasons why you may be outgrowing your Microsoft Dynamics GP software. However, primarily it falls into either a functional or a technological issue. Understanding those issues in the context of what the Dynamics GP solution is intended to deliver can help you decide if it’s time to “get fitted” for a more robust solution. As a product, […]

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Right Fit

QuickBooks to Microsoft D365 for Enterprise

The typical life-cycle of a business sees it implement three ERP systems: QuickBooks, an “upgrade” to QuickBooks, and finally a “real” system. This is at least one, if not two, systems too many! The standard rationale for following the traditional ERP system trajectory is cost. However, I see that as shortsighted and self-defeating for an individual company, as well as […]

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Lipstick on a Pig

ERP Marketing BS—Acumatica Poppycock

“Modern” Manufacturing ERP Software In a recent marketing blog from Acumatica that included access to a “free” video (insert eyeroll) the major takeaway was, “Having modern manufacturing ERP software wrapped up in a single system is quickly becoming a necessity for the manufacturing industry to compete in our technology-driven marketplace.”  Finally! Someone came out with manufacturing software wrapped in a […]

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Latest NetSuite Marketing BS

Back in the day NetSuite absolutely killed Great Plains dealers with their “hairball” sales pitch and an assortment of outright lies. The latest fairy tale they’re selling is “Run Your Business from a Dashboard on Your Phone.” Recently, I was driving in my car, listening to my favorite Sirius Radio station (yes, I have that kind of swagger) when I […]

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Uh Oh

The “Uh-Oh” Factor of Failed and Challenged ERP Projects

Research casts new light on how project teams work and how that behavior can shed light on challenged or failed ERP projects. It has long been my assertion that all ERP projects fail. If we reasonably define a successful ERP implementation as meeting the following three reasonable criteria regarding: Time – successfully meet a reasonably scheduled “Go-Live” date. Budget – […]

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The Case for Highly Structured, Rapid ERP Implementation Plans

Reduce the risk of the inevitable, a challenged or failed ERP implementation by eliminating paralysis by analysis. The seeds for a failed ERP implementation are normally sown in the sales process with ridiculously antiquated processes like the request for proposal (RFP) and the structured product demo, which is usually a complete comedy of errors. The road to nowhere really picks […]

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AI to Human

How Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Impact ERP Software?

Don’t hold your breath. You’ve probably noticed that claims of AI-powered software solutions are starting to pop up more frequently, including in the context of ERP. To be clear, regardless of what breathless marketers and science fiction fans love to dream about, there is currently no such thing as artificial intelligence in its truest form, and technology advances that improve […]

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Hire a Great ERP Team, Not an Average Partner

The Goldilocks Paradigm Challenged or failed ERP projects continue to be a plague and demand a shift in the industry. Why do we continue to embrace the “tried and true” sales and implementationprocesses? It’s time we focus inward and select a better implementation partner. With more than 30 years’ experience in the sales and implementation of ERP software, even I […]

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The Myth of the Big Important ERP Partner

The Issue The recent purchase of a big, important partner in our industry was followed by a slew of articles about the transaction with glowing accounts by the owner extolling his own business acumen. Those articles were nearly impossible to read without bringing to mind numerous accounts of a large, “challenging” ERP implementation where the same partner was failing spectacularly […]

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