ERP Fail – An Insiders Guide to Preventing Project Failure

ERP FAIL - An Insiders Guide

(with fresh ideas and strategies to avoid the usual pitfalls)

If you are contemplating or in the process of implementing a new ERP system then you must come to grips with the fact that your implementation will fail.

If we reasonably define a successful ERP implementation as meeting the following three criteria:

  • Time – successfully meet a reasonably scheduled “Go-Live” date.
  • Budget – minimal or “non-material” cost overruns.
  • Functionality – deliver the key business processes and reporting needs of the enterprise.


Based on those three metrics all ERP systems fail. The only variable is to what degree:

  • Spectacularly – bringing down companies.
  • Critically – requiring a complete do-over with a new team or new solution.
  • Incrementally – slowly draining resources and enthusiasm while delivering only a portion of promised functionality.


All together now, think of the last ERP implementation that you were personally involved with that was a spectacular success. I’ll wait.

Interestingly, a quick internet search will deliver a treasure trove of advice on how to successfully implement ERP software. Yet a similar search as well as personal and anecdotal experience tells us that this advice either does not work or is not being followed.

It is time for a new approach and new ideas.

In a series of posts I will look at the areas in the standard ERP sales and implementation process that contribute to eventual failure.

Success for this series of posts would be a discussion on how to implement fresh ideas and strategies to break the cycle of failed implementations.

Posts in this series:

ERP Fail – An Insiders Guide to Preventing Project Failure

ERP Fail – The RFP (P) – Recipe for Poor Performance

ERP Fail – The Software Demo

If you are in the process of selecting a new ERP solution or in the midst of a challenged or failing ERP implementation give us a call.

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