Postmodern ERP – Are You Ready?

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More Fear and Loathing from The Gartner Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight

As a long time value added reseller (VAR) of ERP software I vividly remember living in fear of each new release of the dreaded Gartner Magic Quadrant and where my ERP solution would rank.

A good ranking in the upper right quadrant represented completeness of vision and the ability to deliver on that vision. A poor ranking meant having to defend yourself in every sales call until the next Magic update.

Somewhere along the line I grew up and stopped caring about anything Gartner had to say. Now this.

According to Gartner, in an industry analyst report titled “The ERP Hype Cycle”: The traditional ERP world no longer exists, it has been replaced by postmodern ERP. CIOs must begin to address the realities of transforming to the postmodern ERP world, which has the potential to deliver improved business value.

OK! Improved business value! Now we are on to something that I want to learn about.


The definition according to Gartner: Postmodern ERP is the deconstruction of suite-centric ERP into loosely coupled applications, some of which can be domain suites or smaller footprint applications that are integrated as needed, but prioritized by functional need and agility over architectural rigor, single-vendor strategies, ease of IT management or other IT-centric needs.


Evidently I have been on the right track ignoring them but I am all ears for an English translation or a practical example.

I’ll wait.

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