Project Rescues

Does Your Project Need Rescuing?

Successful ERP implementation can be reasonably defined by the meeting of the following three criteria:

  • Time – successfully meet a reasonably scheduled “Go-Live” date.
  • Budget – minimal or “non-material” cost overruns.
  • Functionality – deliver key business processes and reporting needs.

Unfortunately, based on those three basic metrics, nearly all ERP systems fail. The only variable is to what degree:

  • Spectacularly – bringing down the company
  • Critically – requiring a complete do-over with a new team or new solution
  • Incrementally – slowly draining resources and enthusiasm while delivering only a portion of promised functionality at a dramatically higher cost over a longer period of time

TurnOnDynamics specializes in providing high level consulting services to management teams with challenged or failed Dynamics AX/D365 project. We offer Client-Side Advisory Services delivered by teams composed of architect-level, senior consultants with the following areas of discipline surrounding a Dynamics AX/D365 implementation:

  • Project Management
  • Finance
  • Functional
  • Development
  • Technical

To rescue a challenged or failed project requires clear leadership by professionals who understand the “big picture” and keep the team focused on the ultimate goal. Learn more.

Contact us today to get a fresh perspective on your project!

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