The new world of Microsoft Dynamics 365 requires a different type of skillset and partner for GP customers.


Lean ERP

Committed to identifying new processes, tools and attitudes to improve the selection and implementation of ERP systems.

There has to be a better way to select and implement ERP software.



TurnOnDynamics (TOD) provides client advocacy and Evolutionary Lean Implementation Methodology

Our typical projects consist of:

  • Challenged Implementations – projects that are seriously over budget, have failed to “go-live” or are missing core functionality
  • New Implementations – clients in the selection process or clients that decided on a supported ERP solution and need implementation assistance

Challenged Implementations

Yes, all ERP projects fail to one degree or another but if your project is:

  • Dramatically over budget
  • Months if not years removed from an initial go live date
  • Significantly failing to deliver promised functionality
  • Any combination of the above
  • By definition, it is a failed implementation.

Are any of the following symptomatic of your ERP project?

  • Multiple failed go-live attempts
  • Multiple implementation partners
  • Rotating cast of consultants from existing partner
  • IT led project
  • Lack of business focus or involvement
  • Heavy software modifications
  • Development partner led implementation

If any or many of the above elements characterize your implementation, then we can help.

TOD is a specialty consulting firm that concentrates on working with Microsoft Dynamics clients at various distressed stages of their ERP implementation process.

Our most significant success stories have focused on taking clients suffering from dramatically failed implementation through the go-live process.

TOD is a partnership of senior Microsoft Dynamics consultants (no juniors, no learning on your dime) that specializes in providing high level services to management teams as “client advocates”.

In that role we bridge the gap that often exists between the ERP customer and traditional implementation partners in terms of focus, time and experience.

Additionally, TOD is a strategic partner of Skytap and sees the vision of their platform in assisting clients with implementing complex system software solutions by utilizing DevOps concepts and tools.

Client Side Advisory Services are composed of senior consultants with the following areas of discipline surrounding a Dynamics implementation:

  • Strategic Project Guidance
  • Development Process and Development Strategy Review
  • Functional Process Optimization


New ERP Implementation

TurnOnDynamics works with clients on new implementations by focusing on DevOps principles and tools such as:

  • The TOD Lean Implementation Methodology
  • Skytap On-Demand Environments
  • Please contact TurnOnDynamics for a detailed discussion.