TurnOnDynamics (TOD) avoids the pitfalls associated with standard ERP software acquisition and implementation processes.


If the definition of a successful ERP project is:

• On budget

• On time

• Delivery of all promised functionality

Then all ERP implementations fail.

Much has been written regarding the successful selection and implementation of ERP software but industry and observational evidence suggests that many of the accepted tools and methodologies used in the selection and implementation processes are deeply flawed.

In our experience these limiting and sometimes fatal flaws manifest themselves in the selection and implementation processes.

For these “standard” industry processes we step away from traditional selection and implementation practices to reduce costs and speed up the implementation cycle.


Software Selection


Software Demos

Every ERP software failure, large or small, started with a great demo.

Software demos are usually presented by sales professionals with a goal of hiding or masking potential problem areas in their solution. Typically they do not address the day to day processes that are the key to implementation success or failure.

Classic software demonstrations add time and expense to the software selection process that can be better used employing the TOD Lean Implementation Methodology.


Create or Reply to (Requests for Proposal) RFP’s

As a corollary to the software demo uselessness, every failed ERP implementation probably started with a comprehensive RFP that took weeks or months and endless dollars to create and complete.

The core problems with RFP’s are that at best they identify requirements in a list format and not by business processes. Companies run on effective processes not lists.

In the case where processes are identified in an RFP they typically reflect deeply flawed existing process built around the shortcomings of cobbled together legacy systems.

The TOD Lean Implementation Methodology eliminates these problems.


Software Implementation


Detailed Requirements Documentation or Gap Fit Analysis

Requirements definitions and gap fit analysis are the great killers of trees in the ERP implementation process. Taking up incredible amounts of time and money without appreciable payback because they are rarely used after they have been produced.

The TOD Lean Implementation Methodology eliminates these steps.


Customize, customize, customize.

Two major problems with development efforts at typical ERP failures:

• Everyone is “special”

• Developers get paid to develop

Recognizing and addressing these factors with the TOD Lean Implementation Methodology minimizes the cost of customized software.