We Bring the Expertise

Maximize the probability of success for an enterprise-level ERP implementation with senior, architect level resources.

Architect Driven AX/D365E Implementation Teams

  • Project Sponsor / C-Suite Management Advocate
  • Project Manager
  • Industry Expert
  • System and Business Process Architect
  • Development Director
  • Experienced Development Team

What Qualifies Someone as an Architect?

A System and Business Process Architect’s Skillset Must Include:

  • Functional—Can process transactions in most major functional areas of the application
  • Data—Understands the data structure underlying the application
  • Financial—Understands and can trace the general ledger impact of all transactions in the application
  • Technical—Understands the position and function of the application in the Microsoft technology stack
  • Experience—Meets Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule in new and challenged implementations

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