In the world of elite corporate branding I have often seen the sly subliminal “message” hidden in the Amazon logo:

Amazon logo

The arrow below the word amazon has several interesting qualities. It goes from “a to z” indicating that you can get everything you need at Amazon.

It looks like a smile giving you that warm and fuzzy feeling.

My question, why does nobody ever point out this:  The Amazons were famous for being all women and for hating men. No men were allowed to live alongside the Amazons. They were an entirely female tribe.

You would think that cuts the e-commerce giant’s customer-base in half!

But I digress.

Over coffee this morning I decided that I needed a new pair of cross training athletic shoes to hit the fancy gym that just opened around the corner. Remember when sneakers were not specialized? But I digress again.

Too lazy to drive the 1.2 miles to Sports Academy and try on a selection to make sure I got a good fit, I popped open my trusty Amazon account and searched for a pair that would make me look sleek and serious about my commitment to fitness.

Bad News

Now the bad news…my pair of deluxe gym kicks was NOT available for delivery that afternoon! I would have to wait until the next day. Oh, the horror!

The clear majority of RPA in the Dynamics ERP space is focused on AP automation. My frustration with my Amazon order has me thinking that Sales Order Automation is much more important in a world of “Amazonian Expectations.”

Think about it!

The expectation of immediate satisfaction must spill into the business world. Can you afford to get product to your customers “next month or next week”?

If buying decisions are made on availability, price,and quality, can you afford to lag on delivery time?

The Bottleneck

Studies show that a major bottleneck in the sales order fulfillment process is the manual input of sales orders. Speed and accuracy is critical. Our webinar will focus on reducing the time it takes to enter sales orders while also improving accuracy. The impact on your organization can be dramatic, with improvement in:

  • Delivery times
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Cash in the bank!

A logo is a curious thing. That warm fuzzy feeling may not be built into yourbrand, but sales order fulfillment that outperforms your competition will give you one reason to smile.

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