It’s ALL About a Complete Cloud Strategy!

The critical infrastructure question we have had to address for companies contemplating an AX to D365 upgrade has to do with on premise data collection. Distribution companies with bar coded inventory control, manufacturers with shop floor data collection stations or retailers with point of sale cash registers all have some local requirement to capture, store and update data if their connection to the cloud ERP system goes down or has latency issues.

In speaking to Ken Edwards on our AX to D365 podcast series focused on considerations for the hybrid infrastructure model he posits out that the infrastructure requirements for D365 are just a part of the puzzle. In his words, the fait accompli of businesses moving all of their business applications to the cloud, it is critical for organizations to develop a complete cloud strategy that includes legacy systems.

Ken Edwards, Director of Delivery at Centric Consulting, is in a unique position to understand these requirements. Before joining Centric, Ken had overseen the AX deployments at two large, multinational, multi-site manufacturing companies.

With his industry insight, his message is that for those companies thinking they are better suited for on premise solution or unable to move to cloud, it is time to start a strategy now. For those looking to move to the cloud, the industry is moving very quickly and the longer you wait, the more it will cost later.

With all the focus on the cloud, Ken still sees reasons for on-premise implementations.

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Peter Joeckel is the President and Founder of TurnOnDynamics, a boutique consultancy specializing in providing senior consulting resources for Microsoft Dynamics AX/D365 clients and projects.

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