Early in our first AX to D365 upgrade project I realized that this was not like any project that I had seen in over thirty years in the ERP business. Looking for help I found either marketing hype or highly technical tidbits for isolated issues. Nothing to prepare a business decision maker for the expense and complexity they were about to encounter. So, we decided to create our own library of useful information.

January 24 2019

Editor’s Note: This article coincides with part 1 of our new podcast series on AX to D365FO upgrades.

Microsoft Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO) upgrade discussions, planning, and the actual projects are in full swing!

For the past six to nine months, upgrades have taken up most of our group’s mindshare, on both the sales and delivery sides of the business. These projects have created more teeth-gnashing than anything I have seen in the industry, perhaps since all the Y2K excitement.

Most surprising to me is the amount of “information” I am picking up as we discuss and execute on these projects.

Based on my experience, the move to D365FO may be the most financially significant and technically involved project that companies will have to undergo since their initial AX implementation. I’m especially interested in anything that helps lessen the impact of the three horsemen of the ERP project apocalypse:

  • Over time
  • Over budget
  • Over-promised functionality

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